Places to swim in Mauritius and get fit!

If you are looking for a great aerobic and total body-strengthening workout, then look no further. Swimming can provide all that and more. I have been swimming on and off competitively and for fun since I was a junior in school. At the age of 11, I was fortunate enough to represent my Provence in Queensland as part of the Australian national championships. I qualified in Backstroke and freestyle. These days I am not swimming competitively, however, I do enjoy surfing and swimming in Mauritius with its clear crystal waters. Places to swim in Mauritius and get fit are in abundance with a growing number of people taking on what the ocean has to offer. With short and long-distance events happening regularly throughout the year.

 Swimming beaches in Mauritius


Whether you are a beginner or advanced swimmer, the pool is great for basic training and to strengthen your core muscles.

Training in a pool will help you to fine-tune your body positioning in the water. You can practice stroke efficiency and techniques. swimming in a controlled environment is ideal for your interval workouts and great to monitor overall performance as well as your progress in the water.

Swimming is a low body impact sport and is great if you are recovering from an injury but want to stay fit.

You can find a pool in most regions of Mauritius, the majority of them are outdoor pools ranging from 20 m to 50 m. There are a few heated pools and a good mix of public and privately owned facilities. The Mauritian Swimming Federation is very active and approachable if you are looking for that competitive drive for your child. The swimming federation holds regular swimming events both in the pool and open water.


Getting familiar with the ocean has benefits.

Swimming in the ocean can seem like a daunting task for inexperienced swimmers. Despite certain obvious constraints. Those who manage to surpass their fears generally discover an immense pleasure in the liberty of open water swimming. Open water skills are essential in triathlon so if you are training for an event, try to practice as much as you can in the ocean. Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs and lagoons, so swimming is possible all year round.

Whether you are in the North, South, East or West there is bound to be an accessible beach and lagoon for you to explore. Most public beaches are located in safe swimming zones but do check with someone if you are swimming in a remote location for the first time.

Swimming efficiently in open water conditions means you need to be comfortable in a variety of conditions. Unlike your pool training, there is no black line for you to follow. Knowing how to sight and navigate can save you 100s of meters in a triathlon. A great way to get involved in ocean swimming is through the Royal life-saving society. They are affiliated with Nando’s who put on a swimming event every year to raise awareness and funds for the RLSS in Mauritius. This event is held on the north side of the island and is one of the great places to swim in Mauritius and get fit.


swim start in mauritius for a triathlon event.

Swimming at a competitive level requires strength, technique, and concentration.

You have put in the hours training and now it’s time to get ready to do your best at a local swim meet. It’s important to ensure that you’re well-rested, yet alert and full of energy for your event.

Doing this requires planning and effort on your part. But it’s worth it – being in tip-top shape at your meet can make the difference between a good performance and a great one!


To avoid scrambling for your gear on the morning of the event.

Pack a bag of things you need the night before and get as much rest as possible. Pack things such as towels, a pair of goggles, two swim caps, fruits, nuts, water, and an energy beverage that contains electrolytes to replenish on you after the swim. Eat a good dinner the night before and avoid acidic foods. The best plan is to eat something simple, easy to digest. For more information on Race day preparation read here.


Eat a light breakfast such as a bowl of oats and a banana, or an energy bar if you’re swimming a morning event.

If you’re swimming in the afternoon, eat a big breakfast and a light lunch. Eat one or two hours before the event. Bananas are great because they have potassium which makes you more resistant to fatigue. Remember, no sugar. try and get to the event early so you can acclimatize to the temperature and loosen the nerves.


At least an hour before your race time you want to get in the water and have a swim.

Stretch out and get a feel for the water. Drills are great for this.
If you do feel the need to go fast, do a short hard-set but avoid getting your heart up too much. Get a feel for your stroke, and try to stay relaxed. Overextending your warm-up can leave you depleted of energy for the race. This is not the time to check your race pace record.


When preparing for your next race. Set a reasonably challenging goal that is based on the actual training you have done. Not the training you had hoped to do.

Use your real training experience to clarify your realistic current fitness and then you will be able to make a good estimation of your race pace and expected finish time. It is no point going into a race with false expectations. This will only hinder on your performance in the moment.


Coming out of an event will leave you feeling different emotions. This is the time to reflect on your training, preparation and overall performance on the day.

The most important lesson to take away from your experience is that you have participated and enjoyed yourself. Use this experience wisely for your next challenge. Try to focus on the small changes you can make to improve your overall performance in the water.

To wrap this up!

If you would like to have more information about ocean swimming and general swimming in Mauritius. Then leave a comment below. Feel free to add your suggestions and share your experiences with others. Where do you swim? Add your Country and Location. Find a group.

So now that you know some places to swim in Mauritius and get fit, what are you waiting for?

David Lagesse

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