Mauritian Triathlon Federation|How to Register?

Mauritian triathlon federation|How to register? Simply follow the links below and download the required forms. Fill them out and return them either by email or post at the designated addresses stated on the forms. For more information about the FMTRI. You can reach them directly from here.

The Mauritian triathlon federation has been an active federation for many years now. Claiming numerous victories within the Indian Ocean region. This federation is run by a dedicated team of volunteers and organizers willing to help you get started.

If you are living in Mauritius. Either of Mauritian nationality or international. It is possible to join this federation to take part in local competitions. For athletes new to this sport, you can take part in regular events held by the federation in multiple disciplines from triathlon, duathlon, and aquathlons.

Download these Forms

Mauritian triathlon federation logo

Registration form | Mauritian Triathlon Federation

FMTRI Rules & Regulations

Please note that you will need to submit a recent passport-sized photo as well as a medical certificate when you send in your application. The license is valid for one calendar year. Some exceptions can be made for specific cases.

Here are a few social media links to help you connect with your new community.

Swimming Mauritius

Indian Ocean Triathlon


Cycling Mauritius

IBL On The Move

So rather than train on your own. Why don’t you give the Mauritian triathlon Federation a try. You will meet the community of triathletes living here in Mauritius and have a great time?

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