What you need to know about Cycling in Mauritius!

Trail cycling in Mauritius

Find out what you need to know about cycling in Mauritius. And enjoy the scenic views.

Whether you commute to work, prefer the mountains, or are a first-time cyclist. Mauritius offers a variety of off-road tracks that will have you discover the Island in a hidden way. There are great hill climbs and safe roads for the road adventurer as well as regular events in both disciplines.

Although there have been several major road accidents involving cyclists and motorists. If you take care while on the road and respect the laws of the road you should be safe. Remember it takes to tango. Although cyclists may feel like they are not being respected on the roads in Mauritius. The % of accidents vs the number of cyclists who ride is actually not that high.

As I am personally a triathlete cyclist. I have found that when I ride solo or with 2 people it is much safer than riding in a bunch. This is mainly because the roads are narrow at times. I find that when riders ride in groups of 5 + they have a tendency to gain confidence on the road, consequently, taking up more space.

I am not taking sides here as I am both a cyclist and a motorist. Without any organized cycling paths dedicate to cyclists as well as the ever-growing number of vehicles on the roads. Being outnumbered means you have to be prudent and vigilant all the time.

Here is what you need to know about cycling in Mauritius and how you can be part of the local action. Whether you are a tourist or Mauritian cycling is a great way to meet people and share fun times.

Rolling on the open roads

Cycling in Mauritius has its ups and downs, like in any country. It is important to be prudent and respect the rules of the road. Nutrition and hydration are accessible in most places, however, being self-sufficient is just as easy.

Staying on the main arteries and freeways generally allows for more space to ride on the side lanes as opposed to smaller inner roads. If you are riding inland stay close to the side and avoid potholes. Group riding on scenic roads requires great vigilance, but also offers spectacular landscape and photo opportunities. If you are into hill climbs there are several places that offer intermediate to experienced level climbs.

Maybe you’re after a more casual ride, then the coastal roads are always a great option with long flat windy bends that take you through the heart of villages while showcasing the beauty of Mauritian beaches. Be aware and vigilant in the villages for dogs and pedestrians. The roads are often narrow and damaged.


Keen to get off the beaten tracks and discover something special. Then mountain biking in Mauritius will certainly keep you busy. There are some clearly marked trails all over the island that offer amazing coastal and mountain experiences. However, for the most part, you will need to take the adventurous routes.

Whether you are into downhill, day trips or just a quick Saturday blast. You can be sure to find a trail that will fit your needs. With a vast landscape of sugarcane fields, there are also opportunities to raise your heart rate without having to commute too far.

Hydration and nutrition are required. For the solo cyclists out there, keep a phone handy and check your gear and repair kit prior to riding. Phone reception in remote areas does not work very well so if you do plan a remote training session then make sure you let someone know where you are planning to ride and for approximately how long you plan to be out there. If you are looking for some competitive action. There are a few popular events that allow for great experiences and opportunities to meet other riders.

What you need to know about cycling in Mauritius to be part of the action.

With a whopping 78 events combined between the road and off-road cycling season. The choice of events is varied and accessible to beginners, social riders and the passionate.

Some events will require you to have either a cycling federation license, or a membership in an established league and others are open to anyone who wishes to just have a bit of fun.

Both categories of cycling offer a great deal of adventure and will certainly have you putting in the km in training. There are several groups and training sessions that you can join throughout the island and we can certainly help you get more involved.  


Cycling is a mechanically driven sport. Be sure to check your gear prior to any race or training session. Tires, breaks, gear shifters, and your repair kit all need to be checked so that you are ready for any unexpected surprises. Avoid being stick on the side of the road with a mechanical problem on race day. We all know that’s not cool.


Understanding your race-day course is essential if you want to maximize your chances of having a great day. Spend some time studying your course if you are traveling to an event. For a local race, definitely make the most of an early course mapping during your training.

If races are not your thing and you prefer to just take in the beautiful views then google maps can work fine to get you to most places.


Race day is certainly not the time or place to have to worry about your hydration. Be well equipped with your pre-race, race and post-race drinks. Rather know that you have more than not enough. Practicing your hydration requirements prior to a big race will give you the confidence you need on the day.


Knowing what the temperature and the general weather forecast is will enable you to prepare accordingly. Nothing worse than waking up on race day with a nasty surprise. Last-minute uncertainties will make you lose focus on the job ahead. Mauritius is a tropical island and during the summer months, there are regular cyclone activities in this region. With a micro-climate environment. It can happen that you start your ride in perfect condition only to arrive at your destination in the pouring rain. So make sure you are prepared for such occasions.


Get to the race in plenty of time. This will give you a chance to settle your nerves early and check the course if it’s unfamiliar. The worst thing is to be rushing around before the start because then you’ll lose your focus and waste energy. You need to be calm, at least on the outside!

To wrap this up!

What you need to know about cycling in Mauritius summed up in a few words.

Be safe and have fun.

David Lagesse

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